"Welcome" 36" x 36" Vintage linen on hand dyed table cloth, Machine qulted and embellished with beads.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow Dye Colors

I've been experimenting with single Prochem colors in snow dye slush, to see how they separate.  Some colors are spectacular - they break apart into very pleasing color combinations.  Some dye powders don't seem to break apart at all, but still give the lovely visual texture that snow dyeing can deliver.  I'm still trying to find a good "warm" color that separates into components I like.

Balsam Fir separates into green, brown and blue.  The image below is the best of my efforts with this color, on cotton sateen.  The photo was taken by Leona Law.   Sometimes Balsam Fir gives up only green and brown.  Not sure what the critical variables are.

Another color that always works is Prochem Ultraviolet.  The fabric is cotton sateen. This photo was taken by Leona Law.

Some colors don't seem to separate at all, but still give a lovely texture when snow dyed.
This is Prochem "teal."  The fabric was dyed and photographed by Leona Law

I had hoped to find a "warm" color that seprated into colors I liked.  I tried Prochem Maroon, and was not pleased.  I got red and some blue, but also a light brown.  I may overdye this piece.  It was done on broadcloth.


  1. Love to see how your snow dyeing is going. I've had so much fun with my first time doing this. More to come.

  2. I love your new blog, Nancy. Keep up the good work!