"Welcome" 36" x 36" Vintage linen on hand dyed table cloth, Machine qulted and embellished with beads.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Using snow dyed fabric

People ask - what can you do with the lovely fabric you have snow dyed?  Indeed, the large swirls of color loose their magic when you cut them up.  These fabrics make great backs for quilts you'll actually use.

If you work with just one color and apply the dyed snow evenly, you can make fabric that is more consistently colored and thus easier to use for piecing.  Last winter I dyed a number of yards with Prochem Ultra Violet, and Prochem Indigo Blue, aiming to get various values of these wonderful colors.  I used the fabric to make a simple strippy nine patch lap quilt for myself.  Only the darkest fabric in this quilt is commercial.  (Snow dyeing dilutes the dye, so true darks are impossible to get.) On the back I used fabric with more varied patterns.  (I need to use three pieces.)

1 comment:

  1. It's beautiful! I'm really impressed with the flow of the colors on your backing.
    Anita McLarin
    Richmond, VA